mixer not rescailing and.....

Hi All !
I have this anoying problem and I am not certain what it is that caused it… more likely than not I am not looking at the problem right and or have overlooked something simple …ok let me explain.
problem >:,
the Cubase mixer wont scroll to the right if I have +40 tracks (including Grp+vca+master faders).
the scrollbar is there (sometimes not ) but stops after a while thus leaving a lot of unseen tracks,
I open a large project after setting up the track order and (re) naming them , I then open the mixer window.
my workflow is (was) all audio and sub groups together with the sends for the relevant tracks in the left zone , all other groups ,ie,drums, vox, music,etc. int the middle zone and just my mix bus and stereo out to the right zone…
this is the point where the mixer window goes on strike …

problem started After…

in my old setup i used three monitors 2x 19 inch monitors for the Arr window and other things like editors and a 36 inch TV for the mixer and or micro edits my eyes are not the best anymore lol.
this set up worked flawlessly for years until i moved house and have space issues i just use the TV now…
this was due not only to my bad eyesight but also cubase and its multi window zonesl+r+bottom zones.
i repeat the old setup worked 100 % NEVER EVER DID IT FAIL not once did i have a rescaling issue
what I have done thus far
updated from 9.5 pro to 10 pro.
re installed windows
updated All chipsets and drivers re installed Cubase 10 pro pro fresh formatted HD that means mo parameters or system settings like preferences etc .

setup time of writing
just Cubase 10 pro no 3rd party plugins as of yet I will wait until I am up and running until I procede installing
a fresh instal of windows 10 (latest updates)
no other programms or Apps… a CLEAN SYSTEM
Grfx card is a nvidia (I know about that but read what I said about all was working b4) GT740 Latest driver a Sharp Aquos 36 inch HDTV set at input for PC @60Hrz refresh…
fed through a very Expensive HDMI cable…

work around I have tried.

deselecting channels that are not being edited
linking mixer to project I will try now
oh amd using mixers 2 and three for different track types…
all of which slows my work flow down to a snails pace… good I can work but not comfortable…
any idears and or tips would be very welcome

please read all before commenting on something that I have covered god knows this post is tooooo long as is …
thanks in advance guys
Cheers .T

update !
wtf !!!
I have now plugged in a second display no change however something new.
if I put the c10 container frame on another display I get a bit more width a few tracks more
this is wearing me out trying to find a solution
anyone care to help ?

anyone ?