Mixer open on project start

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know how to get the mixer to open upon the project start without having to press F3 or open it from the tab? It’s just a bit of an inconvenience really especially as my F3 key is broken. I’ve tried to search this topic in the forum but the search options are terrible. Cheers.

Not sure about getting it to open up with each project—but just go into Keyboard Shortcuts and remap the Mixer to another F key.

If the Mixer is open, and in-focus when you close a project, will it not open on top when you reopen it?

it does here

Does here too.

Yeah I know I can remap the key and shall do that but having the mixer closed upon opening every project became a bit of an irritant even before the keyboard broke/I spilled cider in it. :blush:
Probably should have pointed out I am running a tri-monitor display. I send the mixer to monitor 2 (so it goes in to fullscreen mode) and choose ‘always on top’. If I open my default project, then open the mixer and resave, when I re-open the project the mixer is closed once again.

I just tried leaving the mixer in it’s windowed form and it does load up in it’s right place. So it seems my woes are caused by fullscreening the mixer, which is a shame coz it looks nicer fullscreen and you get a little more space.

Cheers though guys.

A “going forward” suggestion if you haven’t already done this…

Save a template the way you want it to open.(ie mixer open, transport open, whatever else you want). Then from now on create your projects with that template and you should be all set.

Regards… :sunglasses:

Yeah, sadly, fullscreen is not a “mature” feature for the Mixers. All sorts of madness ensues on my Mac Pro when I try to fullscreen it. That being said, it only gives you a few pixels of space anyway.

I’m on dual-monitor setup and the mixer shows up how o last left it. If I closed it, I just hit my F key and it pops back onto monitor 2.