Mixer order


I know you can rearrange the mixer’s track order by dragging them up and down in the project window. But it seems that whatever I do, the midi tracks always stay after the audio tracks.

I send all my midi (rewire) tracks to group tracks (like subs), is there a way to have the group tracks at the end of all audio/midi tracks?? Or then maybe grouped with the master (stereo out)?

It seems an obvious order to me, but was not able to find the info. Thanks!

When you say MIDI Tracks do you really mean VST Instruments in the rack?

hmmm not sure… I have reason rewired tracks that I’d like to appear before the group tracks they are sent into in the mixer… the mixer configured like:
|Audio tracks| - |Midi tracks (Reason instruments)| - |Group tracks| - |Master Stereo Out|

No answer for you but nice requests.

I think the MIDI tracks you’re referring to are actually ReWire audio channels?

If so, look at the bottom of the track list - there should be a folder track for Groups and another folder track for ReWire channels. Drag the ReWire folder track above the Group folder.


That’s exactly what I do (slide folders/groups up and down), but no matter what all my rewire channels appear after the groups in the mixer :confused: