Mixer OUT channel mute state not saved

Hi! It seems, it cancels the muted state of output. Currently my OUT4th for SMPTE is muted when only doing music rehearsals, but it’s “un-MUTE”-ing itself every start of VSTLive. Currently the solution was to “< nc >” it under “Connections” dropdown menu. Is it by design, or just something stucked in? Interesting that MUTE a GRP, state remains saved


You are correct, we check.

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Try with 1.2.7, good now?

@musicullum is too fast. Sorry, the fix is not part of 1.2.7, but it will be added to one of the next updates.


Hi @Spork @musicullum ! no prbl now, just first time almast fallen from chair as SMPTE appeared loudly on mixer :smiley: it is “nc”-ed now;) also awesome to see, no need to copy my LTC files any more, as app will do the LTC to me! thank you :slight_smile:

You did activate it, right? It should definately not sound unless activated manually in preferences, that would be devastating. And you should have seen a warning message, too?

The feature update is great and warning is appearing! :clap::clap::clap:

I was talking about the funny story when saved my SMPTE out channel MUTEd in mixer, opened and it un-muted itself (that I didn’t expect, that OUT Ch Mute state is not restored in reopening) so almost fall from chair… “nc”-ed it, as I told. But that story is from pre 1.27 version when LTC Out wasn’t implemented and just was running from an audio track, that I don’t need amymore from todays update :slight_smile:

Hi @Spork , it seems the fix (if above has been added in the last 25 days) didn’t fix MUTE state saving/recall for OUT channels unfortunatelly :frowning:


Hi @fkalmus

I can understand you. We are trying our best. But the fix is not an easy one and we need to get sure that it does not break anything. That’s why I said

I’ll keep you informed,

Oh, I see! Thank you. Until I may rather <n.c.> them instead of MUTE. Looking fw :slight_smile:

… it has been added to the next update, @fkalmus. Please try it and let us know if it everything is working,

Hi @Spork , sounds great, thank u for reply :slight_smile: I will do my best to give a feedback about!

Morgen @Spork ,
With a quick check: OUT ch. MUTE state save/reload seems to be working fine :slight_smile:
If any related occurs, I will let u know!