Mixer Panning With CC

Is there any possibility to CC-control the panning of the Dorico Mixer?

In any case it doesn’t work with CC10 - which would be very handy.

The thing is:
I’m writing for a choir which changing positions.
If I could CC control the panning of the Dorico Mixer, I could use different instances on different Midi channels of the same EW plugIn and put the Soprano on Channel-Strip 1, the Alto on Channel-Strip 2 and so on and change panning for each voice, using the same PlugIn.
If this is not possible, I have to change the panning within my PlugIn, which means I can’t use the same PlugIn for Soprano and Alto. Which means I need to load much more plugIns and I need much more CPU.

It could be so easily solved with just assigning CC10 to the panning controller of the Dorico mixer.

No, there’s no Mixer automation in Dorico at present. It’s something we plan to add in future.