Mixer & plugin window questions - copying inserts to other tracks + playback without leaving window?

Hi there, when I’m in the mixer window I would like to add individual reverb inserts on each track, but copy them over to have similar settings onto other tracks, where I could then tweak slightly for each track to taste. Is there a way similar in DAWs where you can hold a modifier key and drag the insert over to another track to duplicate it? I tried this with various keys and nothing happens.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that transport keyboard shortcuts do not work when the mixer window (or also instrument plugins) are open. This is a behavior I’m accustomed to in DAWs – it allows me to play back a section and keep the plugin open so I can keep adjusting by ear (for example tweaking a reverb or an instrument’s mic options). As it seems now, in order to press play I have to manually mouse over to the transport bar – which is fine on a large screen or a dual screen setup, but on a smaller screen or a laptop this basically means having to constantly close/re-open the mixer or plugin to get to the transport and can really slow things down. I’m aware I can open the transport in a small breakout window but better yet, I wish I could just use a keyboard shortcut as one would in a DAW so I don’t even have to think about it. Is this something that exists in options, or is it a feature request?

(If it matters I’m running Dorico 4 Pro on a MacPro 2013 with MacOS Monterey)

Thank you!

It’s not possible to copy inserts between tracks at the moment, but I agree that this would be a really useful thing to be able to do.

You should be able to use key commands like Space to start and stop playback when the Mixer is open and in focus, but if a VST instrument’s window is in focus, you can’t, because plug-ins are actually running in a completely separate process, and when a plug-in window is in focus, Dorico is not in focus and thus can’t receive key commands.

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Thanks for your response. I’ll have to make that a feature request if there would be a way to address the transport control while the plug-in is in focus – for example in Cubase you can have a Kontakt instrument open and be fiddling with the knobs in the plug-in window all the while still pressing spacebar to pause/play without leaving the plug-in. Doing so in Dorico is a bit less of a requirement as it might be in a DAW, though it can be really helpful if you want to tweak the sound of an instrument or mic mix but you need to hear it played back each time until you get the settings how you want them.

Thanks again!

This is one of the things a stream deck is great for - doesn’t matter what has focus because of the remote api that Dorico has. Sort of a guilty pleasure that I avoided but loved once I invested in it.

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How does this work for you though? I have a Stream Deck with the Dorico Transport Controls. If I’m in the Dorico Mixer for example and click on a plugin, the Stream Deck Transport Controls don’t work anymore. If I have VEPro open on another monitor and click in it somewhere, the Transport Controls on the Stream Deck do not work, so how do you have it configured to enable the tweaking of plugins while stopping and starting Dorico via the Stream Deck?

I guess I should add that my Dorico Stream Deck version is from Dorico 3.5 and I am of course on 4.3.30. Could that be it?

I’ve only used it with Dorico 4 so be warned :slight_smile: I think though that the remote Api was a new feature in Dorico 4 and you might need to update your profile from notation central, or adjust your preferences in Dorico to enable the remote API.