Mixer position and three monitors. Does not remember the location!

I have three monitors. The mixer does not remember which monitor it was on if the mixer was open to full screen. Always opens on the first monitor. After reopening the project or after pressing F3. This is a long time since the old versions, 8, 9 and 10 too.

It happen to me too. The workaround is to maximize by hand leaving some pixels around the mixer.
Otherwise the mixer goes always to the main screen.

I had this issue until I realized that I needed to put the ‘main’ cubase screen - the one with the menus on top- on the monitor that shows the OS startup info when you first turn on the computer. Even though my #1 main monitor is a different one from that ‘startup’ monitor. I know I am on PC so it might be different on mac. FYI, I use three monitors with a center touchscreen down on the desk and two above and back on the monitor bridge which usually show two mixconsoles. I would love to add a small 4th monitor just to permanently show an analyzer and some meter plugins.