Mixer Pre-rack always enabled?


is there a way to have the pre-rack always enabled by default ? I’m often working not with a template, and it’s kind of annoying to enable it every time (i don’t understand why it is hidden in the first place…it’s one of the most important racks with the filters?).
Thanks, Chris


How do you create a new project? It should takes over the settings of last opened project, as far as I know.

I know you’ve said you don’t use a template but this sounds like a perfect reason to use a template :slight_smile:


I just realised, you are not taking about keeping the tab expanded, but really enable the section… Then you need the project template.


yes, sometimes i quickly start from an empty project or work on older or other ppls projects.
Ok, so there’s no way around…thanks for the info ! :slight_smile: