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I am still using Doric4. I have a piece for 4 part chorus and solo - a cappella… I have given the choral parts a string ensemble in the playback and a solo violin for the soloist. However when I open the mixer all the sound come through one channel despite all voices being shown on separate sliders. Only the soprano slider is working and seems to control all voice parts so I can’t adjust the balance. Any suggestions to get all voices visible on their sliders would be helpful. Many thanks, Gordon.

If you manually set up the VST instrument you’re using for playback, chances are the instrument is set up such that all of the channels/slots are returning on a single audio output. Go into the plug-in’s window and make sure that each of the slots in the plug-in is returning on a different output, slot/channel 1 returning on output 1, channel 2 on output 2, and so on.

Thank you - not being very technical please would you be kind enough to explain the steps. I looked on the ‘paly’ window - each voice has a different channel all coming through port 1. I tried changing the port to be the same as the channel but that has no effect - where would I find the output number?
Thank you
Maybe I should add the project was created originally in Dorico 3.5

Gordon, we would really need to know what VST you are using to produce the sounds, since different VST’s use different commands to route their channels.

If in addition to this you could send the Dorico file–even just a few measures of it–that might also speed our determination of what you should do. But we definitely need to know if you are using Kontakt or HALion or Note Performer, for example.


Thanks for this.

I am using Halion SE which came with the programme. I have attached a couple of screenshots if this helps and part of the file as requested. Please let me know if need further information.

2023-05-29. Partial file.dorico (1000 KB)

I don’t know how you got there, nor what version of Dorico you have (to want to use GM sounds). But if you re-apply a playback template (eg.Play>Playback Template> HSSE (Elements)), then swap out the choral patches for your chosen string patches in the VST, it works fine.
2023-05-29. Partial file-ed.dorico (995.4 KB)

@gordon123ster ,

Thank you for sending this material, especially the sample Dorico file. As @Janus said, applying the Playback Template from the Play menu assigns the various parts to the appropriate mixer channels.

Thank you - it is Dorico 4 latest version and I used the string patches from the VST menu and this has now solved the problem.

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Thank you for this - this has solved the problem.

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