Mixer problems

I have two small problems.
1:I use a 34"monitor and i can’t scroll the mixer vertically only horizontal.
2:In the endpoint set up i set my Halion se to four channels,but in the mixer it keeps displaying all the sixteen channels.
Any solutions ?
Greetings ,

Hello Malleteer,

You can set the number of mixer outputs in the endpoint setup at the bottom.

See picture.


THanks . That works. Now i can also change the size of the mixer but it only change the frame not the mixer.See the picture.

The size of the mixer can be adjusted with the “-” and “+” buttons. See picture.

Thanks , But i already knew that.
Now when i open Dorico 3 I can’t scroll the mixer vertically again.Has it something to do with the large size of my monitor?

At least based on your previous screenshot, malleteer, you don’t have any of ther other types of controls – for inserts, sends, etc. – shown, so there’s nothing for the Mixer to scroll vertically for. Apologies if I’m misunderstanding you.

Thanks , now i get it .