Mixer question

Could anyone explain why the ‘show eq curves’ and show eq’s have separate buttons on the mixer?
Also with ‘show racks’, Also ‘meter bridge’ ‘channel overview’ 'pictures, and ‘notepad’? Why have a separate button from ‘show racks’?

Maybe it’s to save resources on laptops or PC’s that use onboard GPU? There a loy faster these days but you’d be suprised how many cycles are used by a GPU just by having a flashy wallpaper…

Because it gives you the ability to show those parts you want to see, and to not show those you don´t need…?

Yes yes. But why two buttons? Why not one? :smiley:

They’re actually two different controls - or at least have two separate functions.
The EQ curves is the expected EQ editor where you can interact with the settings. The Show EQs simply displays the EQ placeholder in the rack sequence, and allows you to change the position of the EQ in the rack order.

No . At the moment there are two buttons.
Hide/Show Window Layout
Select Racks

One of these buttons could be made redundant.

They both have the same function just different sub-menus.
So to show eq cuves you click Hide/Show Window Layout then scroll to eq cuves
To show eq’s you have to go to Select Racks and scroll to eq’s.

All the submenus could be put under one button - Show/Hide. :unamused:

I am sure I know what I mean.

Not really. The window layout is for the global window layout (as found in all windows of Cubase), in order to show/hide overall sections of the mixer. The rack section options are to show/hide different parts of the rack section only.

The EQ curve is NOT part of the rack section. It is a separate section which appears outside of the rack section.

The whole thing could have been designed differently but it does follow a logical hierarchy.

Thank you for your insight.

Yes. But the ‘racks’, the channel overview, equaliser curves, meter bridge, pictures, and notepad all occupy rows in the same space man! :laughing:

Really there only two sections which belong in this menu - control room and channel selector. They are columns man, columns. :unamused:

It is an obvious design mistake. Wastes time. What does it matter if it is a ‘rack’ or a ‘row’?
The ‘Racks’ menu should be renamed ‘rows’ and include, well all the rows. Why should ‘Quick controls’ be a ‘rack’ and not ‘Equaliser Curves’? :slight_smile:

Why do you have two threads on this? In any case, the logic is that the mix console uses a hardware console paradigm, as others have stated. As far as why, see my response to your other thread.

I know what you are saying, but this is a design choice. Quick controls is a rack because you can open it from the Quick Controls name header in the rack section, whereas the Equalizer curve is a stand-alone separate section. On the other hand, logicallly, I can see what you mean that there is no real reason why the rows/rack section shouldn’t include everything. However, you could say this about most software. At some stage, you have to divide and separate the different elements, and organise them somehow on the screen, otherwise you can wind up with very long menus and a potentially cluttered and clumsy GUI.

Yep, i think it’s silly to have these under two different buttons/menus… I have lost the ability to use my function key on the Mackie Control to toggle the “meters” section of the mixing board now that it’s called “meter Bridge” and exists under the setup menu. Does anyone know a way to assign toggling of the “meter bridge” to a Mackie Control? I’m desperate during big sessions, my muscle memory won’t let me forget that function button!