Mixer Questions

Three questions about the mixer:

  1. How do I hide a track in the mixer? I see the ‘Can Hide’ options but don’t see how to actually hide a track and can’t find this in the Manual. Now that I’m controlling so many audio tracks with group channels I want to hide the tracks themselves in the mixer.

  2. I’m trying to understand what is being indicated in the below screenshot, see my highlight in orange:

The Manual says this indicates the “Speaker configuration”(pg.147). The reason I’m confused is that the only tracks that are stereo on the input routing are the Vdrum(as you can see to the left those indicate “stereo” as the “Speaker configuration” as well, which doesn’t bug me since they are in fact a stereo track) but the guitar tracks are coming in on mono channels per the input routing in the VST Connections(Inputs/F4) so just what exactly is causing those guitar tracks to show “stereo” there in the mixer(note, that is a duplicated mono track, that’s why there are two) and what exactly does the “Speaker configuration” being designated as “stereo” affect, if anything?

3. Is there not a way to revert a knob or fader change back to it’s previous state, ie:undo? Sometimes I hit a fader by accident with the mouse and can’t remember where it was. Is there a history for these changes?

Maybe changed in V6, but move the mouse to the center of small area above the channel panner and between the two arrows…

It indicates that the track is a stereo track - and a stereo track can also have a mono bus as input.


1 Click on the little arrow, top right of a mixer channel. Page 150

2 You have assigned a Mono input to a Stereo track!

3 There is no mixer undo, but you can change the mixer behaviour in the preferences so that the fader does not move to the mouse. ie you would have to directly click on the fader knob to move it.

Or that way… :wink:

Like I said I found the ‘Can Hide’ button, what I didn’t figure out was how to actually hide. I found it though on page 150 of the Manual(even after missing it when looking at that very page last night :imp: ), I needed the “Hide Channels set to ‘Can Hide’” button. Thanks Split!

If you mean the ‘Use Mouse Wheel for Event Volume and Fades’ I definitely will not be using that option…

I’ll guess I’ll have to use my ears to see what difference that actually makes…

That sucks! More of that old-school methodology I guess. You’re not a badass unless you commit to all your knob and fader changes…

No, I do not mean that at all.

I mean there is a preference that sets how a mouse click on the fader works, It’s defaulted to Jump, you can have it set to relative or absolute (or some terms like that) Having it set correctly can save much frustration.

As far as I know, you can only hide tracks that are set to “can hide”, which is a rather limited methodology. IIRC, doing that happens from the panel on the left side of the mixer, hiding tracks that are set to “can hide”.

Maybe (likely) they’ll come up with something better for C7.

Ok. For anyone that randomly clicks on the mixer and changes the level by accident.
Prefs. Editing/controls/touch/slider mode. You will now have to actually touch the fader knob with the mouse to move it.