Mixer racks preferences ?

Is there a way to keep a default ‘Mixer Racks’ settings for all new projects ?
I’d like to have the ‘Pre’ active by default but haven’t found a way to save that setting so that it stays for the next project.


(screen capture below if I’m not clear)

Maybe you could use templates?

Set up your preferences the way you like and go to “File/Save as Template…”. next time, initiate a new session by selecting your template from the hub.

Thanks, I do have some templates.
But still, there might be an option somewhere I missed :slight_smile:

You need to bring up the Pre section in the mixer and then save a Configuration in the mixer…the problem is that Cubase doesn’t actually spot that you’ve made a change to the mixer config so doesn’t give you the option of saving it unless you also change something else. Sadly it’s been this way forever.

So to get the pre’s being visible saved into your templates:

  1. Bring up the mixer.
  2. If you don’t already have a configuration set-up then create one.
  3. Go to the Racks section and activate the Pre section. It should now be visible.
  4. Make some other change in the mixer (and back) for example make a channel not visible and then visible again.
  5. Select “Update configuration”
  6. Save your template.

Hope that’s clear…

Mixer configs are project based, not Global. So templates are indeed the way forward.

It would be nice if you could set both project and global settings, as you can with Work Spaces.