Mixer recommendations

Hi all

I’d like a mixer with 6 or more faders for use with Cubase and Studio One. Does anyone have any recommendations, please? Budget @£100

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you searching for a mix, DAW controller or both?

Hi Before i brought my icon qcon pro g2 i was using two behringer "B Controls2
i picked them up on Ebay for 150 Euro for both of them
they are old and obsolete but work fine (still)
i may sell them again later but for now they are used for extra controllers should anyone need one in the studio( headphone mix or even a light controler)

if it is a audio mixer for I/O then look at the webpage from Thoman or some other music shop portal there are lots
good luck

DAW controller I think


What about these?

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