MIXER: Remember/Save mixer size *per PROJECT*

Every time I open a different project I have to resize the mixer to how I had it set the last time I was working on that project because Cubase doesn’t save the mixer size you set for each project.

This has been an ongoing frustration.

Referring to the Cubase ‘help’ page for “…last used view” is UNhelpful:

“Open session in last used view” does not remember the mixer size per project, only the last used view in whichever project you last had open.

I also find the explanation of the following option very confusing because of the wording:

  • Never
    Projects are always opened using their original window layout and settings.

What does that mean? What is the “original” layout and settings?? I don’t know.

I have tried all the settings but none of them makes Cubase remember the mixer size I set per project so I’d like to request that this option be implemented:

  • Project
    Projects open using window and mixer sizes and settings as saved per project


You can use Workspaces.

Thanks for that Martin. Does that mean I would have to create a new workspace for every project? Will Cubase automatically remember my mixer size when i save the project and load it when I load my project? Or would I have to load my project first, then find the specific project workspace I created for that project (meaning I’ll end up creating hundreds of workspaces…)? Thanks much for any advice you can offer.

After researching i see Workspaces it is not the same as my request. Thanks all the same.


What exactly is your request, please?

You can either make Project workspace, or Global Workspace. It depends, if you want to use the workspace in the specific project only, or if you want to use it in any project (global).

Sorry if I worded it poorly, to try and make it more clear:

Cubase doesn’t include mixer and windows sizes you set for each project in the project save file. No option in “Open project in last used view” tells Cubase to save the mixer or window sizes/layout in the project save file - so my request is that this option be added to the options list:

  • Project
    Projects open using window and mixer sizes and settings as saved per project
  • Wherein Cubase saves the mixer and window size and layout IN THE PROJECT FILE rather than having to create a Workspace preset that you have to load after loading the project.


I see, now I got it. Sorry, for my poor understanding.

If you set the Preferences > General > Open Project in Last Used View to Never, you should get every window at the position, where was it, when you stored the project. Could you confirm this, please?

I’ve got the same problem, and after interacting with Steinberg Support on this, it seemed like this was a bug. Sometimes in my projects, the mixer width settings are saved along with the project, and sometimes they are not. But we never got to the bottom of this, so I will be monitoring this thread with a great deal of interest :slight_smile:

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Hey Martin :slight_smile:

I have had it set to Never since installing 11 Pro on its release, unfortunately it merely carries across any mixer layout and channel width resizings I implement from the last project I had open to the next project I open. Creating and selecting workspaces is definitely a workaround (and great as a separate feature) but it’s not as intuitive or as quick as saving any mixer layout customisations (channel width, section sizing, etc.) in the project save file so that we don’t have to create and then always use Workspaces every time we open a project. I love using Cubase despite it’s rare odd moments, it’s definitely a feature request I hope Steinberg might consider :smiley:

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