Mixer:Save Selected Channels - For Instrument Tracks

It appears that the ‘Save Selected Channels’ mixer export does not work for Instrument Channels.

I used to bounce down all instrument tracks prior to mixing but it isn’t necessary now since computers are so fast these days but… not being able to select the Instrument Track and select ‘Save the Selected Channels’ is a problem when mixing as unlike insert fx presets, importing a ‘Save Channel’ contains volume and pan information as well. This is a real bummer, especially if doing a live band with drum triggers on a VSTi like EzDrummer or Addictive Drums as I rely heavily on that feature to make a consistent album sound for drums but in general for any mix preset you wanna copy to another songs, it’s just annoying as you almost still need to bounce everything down into Audio just to get that feature which takes much more time and makes all the edits permanent which is not ideal especially considering so many instruments have built in reverbs and entire mixers that contain fx and level settings and that the computer power exists to keep all of this open now.

So there should be… [u]“Save Selected Channels” For Instrument tracks.[/u]

Another thing that makes it hard to mix Instrument tracks is my issue about Eucon control surfaces defaulting to open MIDI inserts instead of Audio Inserts on them as described here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=170500

I feel like both of these issues have been overlooked as previously producers would have to bounce down all their instruments to audio prior to mixing as to not max out the CPU except for the last few years where this is no longer needed.