Mixer saved as full screen on monitor 3

I am just curious if there is a way to make this happen. I have 3 video monitors and not sure how to make the mixer always show up on the 3rd monitor.

Even when I save my workspace on a project or as Global, every time I open the project, the mixer is on monitor 2. Then I have to resize every time I open a project. New or old.

And it is not setup right when I move it. Meaning the mixer is not saved with the correct size/placement of metering section. It does save Channel Selector but never opens with the right sizing or monitor placement.

Am I just not setting it up correctly? I may just be overlooking something.

Thanks in advance for any insight. :slight_smile:

If you are referring to Cubase 8, there is no more Full Screen Mixer. Cubase 7.5 was the last with that feature.

If you mean all mixers are windows maximized (resulting in only a bar at the top which is close to FSM in 7.5) then yes that works just fine. I have 4 video monitors, and use all 3 mixers, Windows maximized and one video monitor dedicated to the project page.

Have you created a template, and does that work?

I’m not working with workspaces at the moment because something seems screwed up when recalling workspaces. Even though the workspaces have been saved, the mixers don’t recall at the same size. Each time you recall them they increase in width…to a degree. I’m not sure if this is a bug because I haven’t had enough initiative to test this with a raw .cpr file. (I want to make sure my imported presets did not screw this up.)

But I’m not experiencing anything you described with multiple monitors and workspaces.

Hi all

I did have a minor problem with the mixer sizing, the “update workspace” command worked for me after I resized them.

Best Regards