Mixer. Scrolling

I’d like to be able to scroll up and down in the MixConsole Racks area using Alt or Ctrl+Mouse wheel. Let’s say I want to make some adjustments to the Channel Strip Maximizer for the leftmost channel, but I don’t see Mix button, so I have to move the cursor to the right side of the screen to move a little bit the scroll bar and then back to the left side to turn Mix button.

And the same ability I’d like to have in the fader area of the MixConsole, but to scroll Channels left and right. Nowadays w can do it only if cursor in the Meters area of a Channel.



Basically ANYTHING that keeps my hands on the keyboard and OFF the mouse is welcome.

Any power-user will spend literally =hundreds= of wasted motions every day doing the ‘take my hands off the keyboard, move to the mouse, reposition on the keyboard’ dance.

And me being me, I predict that the move towards ‘touch’ will only make this state of affairs even -less- efficient. Clearly Cubase ismoving towards a UI which is even -more- geared towards the ‘console’ metaphor, which is IMHO ridiculous. It -seems- ‘intuitive’ with all these touch sliders (hell, it works great on the good ship NC-1701, right?) If I had my druthers? I’d NEVER want to take my hands off the keyboard.

I use shift + CNTRL on a PC at work to freely (hand tool) move around in our software.

I would love to have that work anywhere on any active or non active wondow in Cubase. And an ergonomic Mac equivalent.