Mixer section icons and right click menu options not indicating bypass?

With Cubase Pro 13.0.30 on Intel mac running Ventura 13.6.7, it looks like the (very small) icon next to the insert section is the only one that changes color from blue to yellow when bypass is enabled. … and the inserts turn grey when bypassed. For other sections like the preamp, the right click menu can indicate if bypass is active or not (apart from no color change of the icon). But for the strip section, neither the icon color or the right click menu indicates the bypass status. The bypass buttons in the toolbar (for only some sections) toggle bypass on/off - but there is no yellow/blue color indication there either. It would be nice if there was a consistent color and right click menu convention to make bypass status visible at a glance.



You have to enable any Strip module, or Send, Pre, EQ first. Then the Bypass indicator works as you expect (blue/yellow).

OK, thanks for the quick reply and correction. I guess I’m thinking more like hardware bypass where even if no setting/effect is dialed in, then you just bypass that signal path anyway. I brought it up because for just straight playback of audio files w/o adding any DSP processing, I’m getting reports the output of the mixer sounds different if everything possible is bypassed (w/o any effects dialed in to bypass).


Do you have files to compare, please?