Mixer settings for sections

I want to have one section of a song with basic mixer settings (volume, panning, etc) certain way, and then different settings for a different section of the song. Is there a convenient way to do this?

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Use the Automation, please.

Thanks, but that’s not quite what I’m after.
To give a better idea:
My motif xf has a feature called “Scene.” When you get your mixer settings just the way you want them, you can Store the settings to scene with the push of a button, and then recall those settings at any point in the song. I was wondering if there’s something like that. Simple and fast.
Automation seems better suited for more granular or subtle things. Unless, of course, I’m missing something here. That’s entirely possible. Though I did read the section on automation in the manual (Artist 10.5) .


No, unfortunately there is not something like this. You need to change all the parameters by the automation. Of course, you can make a step in all parameters, so it can be an instant change.

Thank you for your reply.
Can you please explain what you mean by making it “a step in all parameters?”
Thanks again.

I believe you want to snapshot but just a section of the mixer correct?
I think you would go more towards the “Tracks Presets” settings with this where you save a select group of tracks and then “recall” those settings later.

Snapshot does the whole mixer,
Track Presets can save a group of tracks with settings.


I mean this (see attached screenshot, please).

Thank you for answers.

After rereading the section on automation, I’m still not quite sure how to make a nice clean step like you showed on your screenshot. Do you use the automation event editor? It’s kind of hard to get it right with just the mouse.


either you can use Virgin Territory, or just draw the 1st automation dot, where do you want to make the step. Then draw another dot and move it up to the 1st dot. Cubase doesn’t allow you to pass the next dot over.

Virgin Territory looks like a Pro feature, and I have Artist. Same with snapshot. Looks like I might have to upgrade.
Thank you for clarifying.

What about using the list editor?
I could insert control changes for volume.
It might seem more cumbersome, but it allows you to be very precise. Plus, it’s similar to how my ole Motif works.

(by the way, I tried the automation dot thing: perfect vertical line!)


You cannot see automation data in the List Editor. The List Editor is for the MIDI data only.

Point taken.
But if I just wanted to make volume adjustments for a section of a song, couldn’t I do that via Midi, as a control change?
Perhaps in a midi Lane?

This would make a very nice feature request.


Not for Audio tracks. Sorry.

Of course. No midi on audio tracks.
What was I thinking?!

So, are mixer settings saved only when the project is saved, and loaded only when a project is loaded?
And, If the mixer settings change during the course of a song, by way of automation, what happens when I rewind back to the top? Are they reset to how they were, or do they remain as they were at the end of the song? For example, if I have a fade out, would all the faders be set to zero when we playing the song?


It just do exactly how the curve looks like.

So if you fade it out at the end by the Volume automation curve and then you jump to another part of the project, the volume will be exactly as the automation is.

Got it.