Mixer Settings not transferring

I’ve been using Cubase for almost 5 years; currently on a PC with Cubase Pro 12.0.50. Works great for me. My daughter is a singer/songwriter and I’d like her to be learn about production and record her tunes. She has an Apple Macbook Pro 13 (M2) and I’ve set her up with a Steinberg UR22, condenser mic, MIDI keyboard, monitor, etc. She is using Cubase 12 AI that came with the UR22. All the hardware is working great.

Occasionally I’ll give her a demo project that I’ve been working on to see what I’ve done with mixer settings, automation, plug-in settings, etc. I’ve installed Cubase 12 AI on my PC and will set up and save the project in that so it will open properly on her Mac. What I’m finding is that the mixer EQ and compressor settings that I’ve saved on my PC do not open on her Mac. These setting are being saved with the project as I can close and re-open them on my PC and they are there. When the same .cpr file is opened on her Mac, the EQ is flat and the compressor is bypassed. What am I doing wrong?



It should work. First of all, make sure, you have the latest version installed, please. It’s Cubase 12.0.70 or Cubase 13.0.20 (Mac) or 13.0.21 (Windows).