Mixer Settings reset to default with Playback Template change

Mixer settings, as inserts and sends, are reseted to default when changing playback templates.
I think having the option to made them independent would be great as most times I only want to change the VST library and not lose all your insert, levels and send settings.

Are you talking about applying a different playback template in Dorico resetting sends etc. in the Mixer, or are you talking about NotePerformer Playback Engines?

If you’re talking about Dorico, you can set up a space template as part of your playback template, which will restore a particular send channel configuration.

Hi Daniel,
Sorry it was Playback templates.
I am talking that every time I change playback templates the mixer is reset.
I would like to keep the same settings while changing templates.
I was not aware of Space templates but if it’s a ‘preset’ system it’s great, but I am talking about keeping the mixer settings independent from the playback templates.

OK, I understand. The issue is that when you change playback template, you’re also changing a great deal of the Mixer’s setup, including which channels are present, so things like output, gain, etc. will inevitably be reset. Space templates provide a means of retaining all the common parts of the configuration, such as sends, effects on the master output, etc.

I get it.
So it’s not the same channel with another VST (like in DAWs) when we change playback templates.
It’s a completely new channel?

Exactly, the Mixer is essentially torn down and recreated.

Space templates do solve some issues I had with this.
I still think that the inserts should stay the same.
Supposedly you are changing only the playback template not anything else,
You can lost hours of mixing work by changing a playback template.
Hope you can consider changing this behavior.

Changing playback template is a very destructive operation, and you should think of it that way. It’s not a minor change (it’s not even undoable). It’s a fundamental reworking of the audio setup for a project.

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The issue is that Dorico does seem to reapply the playback template of its own accord…or at least something similar.

I’ve had this happen (I think, hard to be sure exactly what is going on) several times. Playback won’t activate for a project, and then eventually the project will crash (I always hit the “Send to Steinberg” button). Then, even though the project wasn’t saved, when I reopen it, playback is functional, but all plugins have been reset to their default states, as though the template was reapplied. Very frustrating.

I save and recall everything individually using the plugins own presets, but losing mixer settings and never being quite sure if things are the same as what you had before is not ideal. It would be great to have recall ability on the faders. I will make a new thread for this next time it happens and try to provide more details.