Mixer Settings reset to default with Playback Template change

Mixer settings, as inserts and sends, are reseted to default when changing playback templates.
I think having the option to made them independent would be great as most times I only want to change the VST library and not lose all your insert, levels and send settings.

Are you talking about applying a different playback template in Dorico resetting sends etc. in the Mixer, or are you talking about NotePerformer Playback Engines?

If you’re talking about Dorico, you can set up a space template as part of your playback template, which will restore a particular send channel configuration.

Hi Daniel,
Sorry it was Playback templates.
I am talking that every time I change playback templates the mixer is reset.
I would like to keep the same settings while changing templates.
I was not aware of Space templates but if it’s a ‘preset’ system it’s great, but I am talking about keeping the mixer settings independent from the playback templates.

OK, I understand. The issue is that when you change playback template, you’re also changing a great deal of the Mixer’s setup, including which channels are present, so things like output, gain, etc. will inevitably be reset. Space templates provide a means of retaining all the common parts of the configuration, such as sends, effects on the master output, etc.

I get it.
So it’s not the same channel with another VST (like in DAWs) when we change playback templates.
It’s a completely new channel?

Exactly, the Mixer is essentially torn down and recreated.

Space templates do solve some issues I had with this.
I still think that the inserts should stay the same.
Supposedly you are changing only the playback template not anything else,
You can lost hours of mixing work by changing a playback template.
Hope you can consider changing this behavior.

Changing playback template is a very destructive operation, and you should think of it that way. It’s not a minor change (it’s not even undoable). It’s a fundamental reworking of the audio setup for a project.

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