Mixer Show Channel Racks...bug?

When you click on the “show channel racks” button on the mixer, or key command “shift X” then close it…the mixer does not go back to the same position, but instead goes back to a slightly lower position, even going out of the Cubase “shell.”

If you open and close this enough times your mixer will eventually drop out of sight! :laughing:

Has this been turned into Steinberg as a known bug? I couldn’t find the thread if it has.

Could anyone either confirm or deny this problem?

It’s very simple.

  1. Open your mixer.
  2. Select “show channel racks” to open the rack.
  3. Then close the channel rack.

Does the mixer go back to the EXACT position it was before opening? Or does it go back to a slightly lower position? You might have to open and close the rack a few times to notice it’s not going back to the same position.

Yes, the mixer goes back to the EXACT position. No problem here.


What I have discovered so far is that it depends on the height of your mixer If I open the console, then with my mouse adjust the divider line, the line between the mixer and the console, and lower the mixer height to its lowest possible height, then I get the behavior I described.

But if I increase the mixer height and then open and close the console, there is no change.

It would be nice to have the height of my mixer a little smaller to allow more screen space for other stuff, but I can live with this.

1280x1024 is my screen resolution for all 3 screens.

Johngar, can you also confirm this?

Doesn’t move on my system regardless of the mixer height.
In practice I use the full screen monitor 2 option which is my middle of 3 screens but I tried the test as a normal window and it didn’t move at all.

This happens on my system too.

BA What is your screen resolution?

When you lower your mixer height do the mixer numbers 20 and 30 vanish while the others…(00, 15, 10, 5, 0, and +6) stay open to the point where you can no longer lower the height? If I could, preferably, I would reduce the mixer height a bit more, but my mixer numbers 20 and 30 vanish. In addition, as mentioned, when I go open the console, then close it…the mixer position does not stay at the same position, but instead lowers a little bit.

Thanks for any help.