Mixer -- Show/Hide Channel Racks ... assigned key not working

Hey gang,

If you assign a custom key command (“R” in my case) to the following function under the ‘Mixer’ folder:

Show/Hide Channel Racks

… does using that key to show/hide the channel racks in your mixer windows work? This works exactly as expected in Nuendo 8, but I’ve had no luck with it in Nuendo 10. Selecting/Deselecting the checkbox in the mixer window’s configuration does work, however … just not the assigned hotkey.



Maybe this key command is tied to a “window focus”?

Nuendo has this -very silly- concept of window-focus-dependent key commands.
For instance: G and H are (by default) used for zooming out and in in the Project Window (your main window) , but beware! It’s also being used for zooming out and in in the Mix Console!
It depends on which window you’re working in. The “active window” is indicated by a white border around it, and you can jump from one to the other by means of TAB.

So, this means, that when the MixConsole is not your “active window”, your Show/Hide Channel Racks-key command might not “be active” ?

I hope this helps?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

:unamused: … hear, hear.

Unfortunately no luck with either of these, though I do know what you all mean regarding the window focus behavior, and I assumed that was it. This “show/hide racks” from a hotkey appears to be genuinely broken or otherwise not functional in Nuendo 10. Checking the ‘Racks’ box in the visibility menu for the mixer works, though it’s obviously far less convenient.

Have you tried assigning it to a different key just to check?

Hey GetaLife2,

I did, yes, and no luck there either. Perhaps most telling is that if I assign a hotkey to another mixer show/hide function, such as showing track pictures of EQ curves, those work exactly as expected. So, as far as I can tell, assigning a hotkey to ‘show/hide channel racks’ is just plain broken, as unlikely as it seems … unless anyone else is able to make this work?

Thanks, all.