Mixer: Show/Hide Channel Selector Not Working


I have finally installed N10, leapfrogging N8 (which I installed but never used).

I imported all my key commands etc from N7 and some of them didn’t work because the commands have moved around (which is fine, but frustrating).

But the command Mixer: Show/Hide Channel Selector is still there, but does not respond either to Key Command or via remote control.

Nuendo, High Sierra.



Forgive me if I’m not correct, but I think that a lot of the MixConsole’s key-commands are window-focus dependent. That means that you should click in a MixConsole-window (the border turns white) before you can apply most of the key-commands.
Hopefully this solves your issue?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

That makes no difference…

You are right. The key command “Show/Hide Channel Selector” doesn’t work on my system either.
As a workaround you could use “Show/Hide Left Zone” because the Channel Selector is part of that.
I hope this helps?

Niek/ Amsterdam.