Mixer slider to reduce overall track volume, incl automation

Apologies if this is a repeat (I am sure it is as I have read something on this before).

I am looking for a method to reduce the overall volume of a track using the mixer volume slider and have it also reduce all the automation levels proportionaly, rather than having to step into the automation lanes and highlight the automation curves and reduce that way.

I thought I remembered that using some combination of shift/alt/control etc while adjusting the slider would achieve this, but none of those seem to work.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

I know the extended view icon is supposed to be on the upper right hand corner of the mixer. The thing is it’s not there. It doesn’t exist. Anyone could help me figure out how i could make it appear? please help. I would really appreciate it thank you.

Link all relevant non automation faders, then reduce by desired amount (note how much)
Then use the PLE to select all volume automation and use the Info Line to reduce the automation by the same amount.


Just pull back the master output fader!

@ jdiaz410

You should create a new topic, hijacking someone else’s topic is not good! (but try looking to the left upper)

In many circumstances adjusting the input gain of the channel will handle this nicely.

Careful though if you are using some kinds of plugs. For example with distortion the intensity will change and with compression, the threshold point will need to be adjusted.