Mixer slower on bigger size

When i hit F3 the mixer takes like 1,5/2 seconds to open up. When i make the window size much smaller this really decreases. At first I thought this was an insert problem but its mixer size dependant. I would love to have the mixer full screen (or as large as possible) but then I have to take the slowdown.

Any suggestions? It’s graphic related?

Mac 10.8.3
7.0.3. (same problem previous releases)
AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB

Now 2 seconds is too long!
Try blinking once in a while, or get a faster computer.
Full screen showing 31 channels takes a fraction of a second on my PC.

Is opening for 6.5 mixer was so long too ?

No problems with this at 6.5…that mixer was fast!
Also scrolling from left to right appears so laggy.

No big deal but it’s a little bit annoying for me personally.
And perhaps there is a solution for it so thats why I posted here :wink:

Didn’t know there were dramaqueens hanging around here :blink:

I have the same issue. The more stuff in the mixer, the slower it is to open and zoom/resize in it.

I think it’s a Mac issue.

I think it’s a video card, or video RAM problem!

No. I upgrade my video card to nVidia 660GTX 2GB ram. Still laggy mixer graphics.

I’d love to know if PC users have this problem. I don’t have one accessible to test on.

Well - I’m not using one of the strongest systems (Windows 7, i3-540, 8gb), but it takes about a half second to open the mixer window (I am talking about a maximized window here - I prefer this setting above just re-sized floating). Indeed - scrolling is a bit laggy, but I can live with that.

I am sure there will be more optimization of the code in this region in the near future.

Yeah, PC user here, and I have this problem.

Scrolling left or right is extremely laggy with more than 100 tracks. There’s also something messed up about the Channel Overview strip, which is displaying tracks I’ve hidden in the visibility menu and glitching out when I navigate far enough to intrude into that area.

Happens in both full-screen and windowed mode, on any monitor and with or without Windows 7 Aero disabled.

The meters and lists are fast and snappy as usual, it’s just navigation, selection, and opening / closing racks that lags.

The Cubase host machine has two GTX460 units installed to handle 4 monitors, so I have no idea why video performance is an issue.

EDIT: Setting “Audio Priority” to “Normal” instead of “Boost” in the device setup window seems to speed things up a bit, but it’s still laggy.

I have a feeling Steiny’s running everything in the mixer on the CPU. NO GPU acceleration. What a waste.

That would make sense. The graphics engine is the big issue - something to do with rastering the interface is eating up a lot of lag and should be fluid. You would have figured they’d have run engine benchmarks to nail down any bottlenecks before they went ahead and designed the new interface.

This is slightly improved in 7.0.4. Certainly to an acceptable level! Me happy :wink:

It is improved in 7.0.4, yes, but not solved. Still sluggish with large/dense MixConsoles (I’m on a 27" Apple display). Still needs work.

Allright we’re a bit further down the lane and still experiencing some problems with this. It’s better then before (thanx to the 0.4 update) but full screen is still a slowdown. Especially browsing from left to right and vice versa is so laggy.

I’m having this problem on PC since I updated to the latest NVidia drivers (320.18). Actually, I’m also having problems with other graphics intensive applications since then.
I rolled back to the previous NVidia drivers, but the problem remains. The new drivers seem to break something that doesn’t get fixed by rolling back to the old version.