Mixer snap shots - how to use them?

Hi All., I am new to Cubase just trying to figure out the best way toward with it , I been testing the mixer snap shots which seem really cool . And potentially something I’ve had to have for years!!

Just wondered if there’s anyone that uses them a good comment on this scenario , so I’m working on the film score, decided to score a reel by reel , there are 5 reels , one of the major problems is within a real you could have some epic chaos music followed by some very quiet simple music. One of the challenges he is balancing the levels as you work, switching on automation for using automation in the early days can really limit you’ve been able to describe a fighter move it . Just wondering if the snapshots are the answer . ?

Was thinking that could simply make a snap shot for each Cue , I don’t see why this wouldn’t work by lovely feedback on limitations or not

Funny I just posted this feature request here,
Batch Audio Export Mix Snapshots - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Which goes into, imo, what is the best way to use them.

Overall, I would say that they are definitely not Production Snapshots or Composition Snapshots. Mind you there are no rules, and some people make production choices at the mix stage, like muting things.

The major limitation is that they don’t store Automation, or TrackVersions.

There’s other ways to get around these limitations, like using the Direct Outs in Summing Mode, and creating a bunch of Sub Groups to create your own sub mixing system where those sum channels don’t have automation and thus, despite all your project channels having automation, you could create a bunch of Mix Snapshots just based off fader changes, and perhaps even processing, on these submix sum channels.

So overall still, imo, in the final stages of the mix., creates less problems, and the different Snapshots translate better.

Another way to get around the automation thing if you need to rebalance volume of a channel across multiple MixSnapshots, is to use a VCA fader, I think it could work, I haven’t tried.

sorry sort of a convoluted explanation.

If you’ve done a very good job of gainstaging your entire project, so that essentially, if you turned off everything you’ve done everything would still be the same perceived volume, then you could potentially use Mix Snapshots, to create Dry vs Wet variations of the mix by creating Mix Snapshots with some Inserts bypassed.

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