Mixer snapshots don't include mute status

Why mixer snapshots don’t include mutes?
When I’m composing a scene sound design I usually try with different kind of effects on several tracks, and I select finally some of them. It would be useful to keep the mutes status on snapshots.


I don’t know why… Probably someone responsible for the feature decided so.

I expect, the one who decided, takes the Mute as a temporary state. If you don’t want the track, you delete it.

I have to say I also prefer to Mute over delete (in my case on level of MIDI Notes or MIDI parts, so I’m not affected by this use case). So I can understand your point of view very well.

I’ll bet it would be difficult to implement in the SB Solo structure with completely predictable results. Mute and Solo status interaction has always been a little bit tweaky in Cubendo.