Mixer Snapshots not remembering Pan...at first

Just tried it, including updating. It’s changing the Inserts but not the Pan. It’s selected in Settings.


Isn’t the Pan automated by any chance?

No, there’s no automation at all on the tracks in question.

Since I automate insert parameters quite often, I don’t use Mixer Snapshots. But out of curiosity I tested this in Cubase 12, and it does recall Pan settings.

You run 13, don’t you @Martin.Jirsak ? Can you confirm the behaviour on your machine?


The Snapshot stores and recalls the Pan on my side in Cubase 13.0.41.

Damn! Is that Windows?

I noticed from @Martin.Jirsak above that there’s been an update, which I have now installed. It is now ‘working’.

Because if I do the obvious and select the snapshot from either the Toolbar selector or the ‘Play’ button on the Snapshot Tab (and get a confirmation in both cases), then it behaves as I described in the OP - the Pans don’t move.

However, on a second click on ‘Play’, then they do. The two clicks can be quite far apart. Selecting twice from the Toolbar has the same effect.


I’ve no idea whether this is the result of the update; it never occured to me to try this previously.