mixer ,sound bowser size

running cubase 7 on a iMac os x 10.8.3

when i stretch the mixer to full screen then quit cubase 7 start cubase 7 again later open the mixer
now the fader length has changed. please make it so that the fader length stays the same. it don,t matter if you save the project or not.

sometimes the sound browser for the synths that comes with cubase 7 like retrologue ,pad shop ,prologue ,ext.
the sound preset browser resizes when opening the sound preset browser of these mentioned synths.
in this example the sound preset browser is bigger than in original state. i than resize the SPBrowsser manually
back to original state then when i open the SPB later in the process the SPB is now smaller sized than in original state pro belly because i manually resized because i had to resize the SPB to a smaller size. this hole problem only occurs when i activate the filter function on the SPB to my knowledge.