Mixer still messes up position, size, zoom and content

So, did a scratch install of 7.02 then 7.05 then 7.06 …made a new “empty” project. Added a bunch of random track types. Set the 3 mixers to monitor #2 and configured them. Saved workspaces for them. Saved the project … exited came back in and WHALLA

Jacked up mixer back on monitor 1 and the workspace, even though it is there, does not move it to monior #2. So, resize G/H resets the size, but the location, zoom and configuration are still not saved.

Well, that might be wrong, but I love it. I have a workspace set up with the MC in the upper right corner about 400 pixels wide, this issue allows me to have super skinny faders and fit 15 channels in there, and I see most everything. I type the value into the “set number of channels”

Obviously useless for using the rack, but solo, mute, listen etc., and faders are there.

If you hit a zoom command or click on one it goes back to normal, if you want to get the skinny faders back you have to close and reopen.

With my luck, it will get fixed. :wink: :laughing:

lol, hidden bonus feature easter egg