Mixer too big

My mixer always opens with lots of empty space in between the channels I have selected on the left and those on the right. I usually set up my output channels on the right and my “normal” mixer channels on the left. The visibility and zones controls, along with the set-up window don’t make any difference. In a very simple example I might have mono input on the left and the stereo output on the right, but no matter what I do there is always a lot of empty space in-between them, eg 10 rack track strips (even though they are empty). This means that I cant see both ends of the mixer, even if I only have 2 tracks, without using up tons of screen real estate. Resizing channels, zooming etc. don’t make any difference. In fact resizing the channel strips by zooming just introduces MORE rack strips.Removing rack strips and other options don’t seem to make any difference. There is always a load of blank space. Even when I set all the channels to the same side using the zones there is tons of blank space too the right.If I try to resize the window my channels become invisible (off screen)
Am I missing a setting somewhere?
I can’t see any reference to this issue anywhere.
Even removing the channel selector makes no difference.

Aloha d,
This prob also happens to me but unlike you, not every time.
I hate intermittent problems
C7 is a fine programme but I (and many other) have been having
graphical mixer probs since its release.

The Mix Console works fine for me but the graphic probs
associated with using it can be a real PITA.

I am confidant this prob will be soon solved.

Cubase rocks!


There are more re-sizing problems as well…just get the tracks windows zooming on “all selected tracks”, always to push it again, if I jump into the project again - does not save this :question:

Anyway, if you know the problem - you can solve it.
Just needed a softbutton on the mc control to get it in shape :wink: