Mixer - Too much information.

It all looks very smart, but there seems to be too much stuff crammed in to too small a space, with overlapping triangles, faders and God knows what else that I can not actually see. All the legends seem to be smaller and harder to read than in N5.5.5. Maybe it’s the blackness of everything - can this be changed by the user? - This forum screen for example is extremely legible because of its bright and light colours - can we set N6 to other, brighter and more legible colours?

Why do we have to be plunged into this black hole of doooooom?

I agree concerning dark colors and not so comfortable view of workspace which became darker and specially mixer which even more darker :slight_smile: and gets wired proportions of faders . IMHO that despite all improvements of Nuendo 6 it’s appearance din’t become better and more legible. I think the more information we want to see on the screen the more attention we must pay to how it appears on screen. May be some others have definite ideas about view of workflows in Nuendo 6?

Who ever designed this mixer does not have to work with it 12 hours a day …

The legending is so badly distinguishable and/or small that it seems plain ridiculous. I mean, who designs a gray-in-gray labelling? I still have to read the letters on the main buttons like S, M, E, etc., instead of intuitively clicking on a distinctively colored button.

The way the Insert, Routing, EQ has to be handled seems fiddly and …uncool. It does not support a fluent workflow.
I want to know in one glimps if something is switched on or off…
I don’t like this design, I would even go as far as to say I hate it. This is not even “design over function”, this is straight from the books of NoNos.

The rest of Nuendo will be thorroughly tested, here, through the next week, but it was not a good first impression and you know what they say about first impressions…

Big K ( still shaking head …)

Try clicking on the mixer and using the Ctrl + up & down arrows to make the racks bigger and use the G & H keys to make the tracks wider thus making the writing bigger and easier to read.

Personally I have to say that while I dislike some of the GUI’s aesthetics I do think the net result is positive. I really do think the mixer has improved quite a bit more than it has taken steps back.

I have to agree. I was back and forth with a love hate thing with the new mix console. But after really taking the time to get familiar, and get the shortcuts working, I really do think it is quite an improvement.

Yes, this does help but I can’t find a way to save the modified racks - ‘Save Configuration’ does not seems to do it. I have to re-adjust the rack size every time I launch N6.

But please can we loose the brushed steel background. It just does not look professional for some reason.



Back to design and view issue of Nuendo 6. I have feeling that it is time to seriously think in that direction because it seems to be kind of match point: if Nuendo is going to be more complex in the future this design probably cannot stand it. Despite all improvements view of Nuendo starts to scare me (I am 7 years Nuendo user). I agree with Big K: when you spend 10-12 hours in front of computer with Nuendo the colors and design become very important.