Mixer Track Key Command for Scrolling

Suppose I have 96 mixer tracks in Cubase’s mixer window with Cubase’s visibility zone set at the center. I can horizontally scroll with either a keyboard or mouse, but I would like to ‘bank scroll’ 24 tracks at a time in either direction. Is there a Cubase key command that would allow ‘bank scrolling’ mixer tracks? I searched for one but was unable to find it. Also, assuming such a key command exists, then would be able to ‘bank scroll’ left or right by the number of tracks displayed in the central visibility zone? For example, I may have a mixer view with a 8 graphically wider mixer tracks in the visibility center zone. If I add 24 such tracks in total, it would be great if this key command accounts for the total number of visible faders, despite the number of faders that display at once in the visibility center zoner.

My end goal is not just to simplify ‘bank scrolling’ the mixer window but also to control such a key command from Lemur and to have my Lemur app’s Cubase mixer view visually synchronize with Cubase’s mixer window on which collection of faders are currently displaying (e.g., tracks 1-24, 25-48, 49-72, 73-96).

Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.