Mixer track Re-ordering and middle-mouse mixer scoll

Hello, I like the new mixer overall but there are some details I am not so happy with:

1.Why cant I re-order tracks inside the mixer?

2.Why cant I middle-mouse scroll in the mixer like in previous versions?
(it seems middle mouse has now been redesigned to activate stuff, feels redundant when we already have mouse 1 for that)

3.The “Monitor” and “Record Enable” buttons could be moved down and have them in the same panel as the channel number.
(Currently the channel number panel, just above the track name, is alot of wasted space)

  1. Double-clicking a track on the “Meter Bridge” should display editor window or something.

  2. Saved “Channel & Rack configurations” do not recall channel panel position.
    (if it has been minimized all the way down)

I hope this makes sense, thanks :slight_smile: