Mixer UI - suggestion on section colouration

On most analog mixers the different sections are coloured in order to draw the eye quickly to the correct knobs on the board. In Cubendo land we now have a monotone mixer. Why not have the sections (PRE, Routing, EQ, Sends, Inserts) take on predefined colour for each mixer section and header in order to be able to draw the eye better to each mixer section?

I don’t mind options, but to me it’s fine the way it is. I color code items like pre/post inserts and sends so it’s always easy for me to se what’s what.

There’s an option for coloring Mixconsole sections. It actually colors the boxes for inserts, Sends, VCAs and so on. With different colors, you can distinguish the sections fairly well because of their content. I find, however, that the baby-blue mini-button is not very visible.

And as I wrote in my thread on N13 graphics bugs, coloring the routing section doesn’t work.

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