Mixer undo doesn't save accidental FX/Group lane edits

If I have a fx or group track and I accidentally click the volume line (not in the mixer view) and drag it to +6 db or -infinite then neither cmd+z or alt+z will undo that action. Cmd+z will undo the automation point but if there is no further automation on the lane then it will stay at the value I´ve dragged it to. Do you know how many parallel Fx or group mixes I´ve ruined by accidentally clicking in the wrong place? And it´s not even in the mixer history (which I personally never use, I´d rather click undo a bunch of times until I´m back where I need to be)

So please please please make this a thing. I never use Cubase for mixing because of things like this.

For sanity reasons, Mixer Undo is separate from project undo. Pressing Ctrl/Cmd+Z doesn’t undo mixer changes.

Dragging a volume line without drawing automation is a normal volume change, in other words the same thing as dragging a fader, which is a mixer change. Open the mixer and undo the accidental change there.

Nope, not true. If I do that and hit alt+z which is the shortcut for mixer undo, it won´t undo that action. cmd+z removes the automation point that was set but the line will still be a +6 or wherever it was pulled to.

Oh, I understand which kind of situation you’re referring to now.

This happens if you use the draw tool to draw automation. If you remove all automation points, the current automation value being read by the project cursor is used and there’s no way to return to the initial value (the one you set before drawing automation).

The same happens to all kinds of automation, but this kind of accident is far more likely to happen to FX and Group tracks since they always have an automation lane exposed.

I’ll move this to the issues forum. This is probably technically not a bug, but the current behavior can be problematic.