MIXER view order

Hi! I know, we can now super easy reorder mixer tracks. Just wondering if default order would come from “original” order, coming from “connections” and in the structure coming from old “analog times” (like additional OUTs are right to STEREO-OUT, and GROUP channels are rather on the right side, right before OUT channels). Although channels can be reordered, it seems, they need to be reordered for all songs, one-by-one, practically “mirror” default order in Mixer view to fit for my taste (mirror ordering of OUTs and put GRP channels next to and before OUTs)

Maybe I am the only one who feels this a bit “un-practical default order”, I don’t know. I would be happy with any thoughts or yours.

Good point, we’ll have a look.

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Hi @musicullum ,

I’m sooo sorry, it seems my problem was already fixed earlier, the ordering schema just remained in my saved “DEFAULT” song template from past.

My current problem is solved by resaving my “DEFAULT SONG”

As newly added outs, grps, stacks, layers are put to the end, maybe my first question is a bit still actual (keep OUTs together in the very right side, GRPs before OUTs…).

Until there is no Actions&Shortcuts for OUT and GRP Mixer-channels, there souldn’t be risk that an “Action” triggers a different/newly-inserted OUT or GRP Mixer-channel.

That is just one way to put it.
To use the faders on my keyboard, I prefer the other way round, so that “static” channels (OUTs and Groups) are first, so they are always the first in the row, where Layers, Stacks etc vary.

Oh I see! Than is very practical, true :slight_smile: