Mixer view presets not being saved

In the mixer I set up a view then store it in one of the available 8 slots. I save and shut down the project. When I reopen the project and go back to the mixer the slot numbers are greyed out as if nothing were stored there. If I click on one of the views nothing happens. BUT, if I right click on the view and chose STORE the stored view comes back. Not a serious problem but an inconvenience and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

Haven’t been able to get that to work from day one, just assumed I was doing something wrong and meant to look at that section in the manual sometime.

This one’s been bandied about for ages.

More info here:


Solution I found:

  1. Save Mixer configuration
  2. Return to project window
  3. Save project and shut down Cubase
  4. Shut down all gear
  5. Sell/Give away all gear
  6. Quit music business
  7. Sell/Give away all possessions
  8. Move to monastery
  9. Nine bows.