mixer view settings

Every time i open the mixer in cubase 5 some of the input channels are covered by the track channels, so i have to expand the view each time. There’s plenty of room in the mixer view and i know its not a big deal to expand it but its really annoying that it happens everytime. is there a way i can set the view of the mixer to be the same everytime i press F3?

No, but you could open another mixer and set it to just show inputs.

Hi Plumb, Mashed, fellow cubasers and Steiny

After years of using Cubase this feature has always annoyed me. I use all three mixer views.1 for audio and fx. 1 for vsts and groups. 1 for input channels only. I have 18 possible mono inputs to monitor. Problem is even with only input channels selected on a mixer, as soon as you minimize/close it and bring it back more than half your input channels are hidden by…nothing but grey empty space. You then have to manually grab the separating window bar thingy and swipe accross to open the view again.

Does this only bug me and Plumb?

If possible please could that “reserved” space be removed from the mixer when viewing input channels only.


Loving Cubase 6 in general.