Mixer view to follow FD assignment ?

Massively impressed with the FD unit I just got. Really going to speed up my workflow. :smiley:

Hopefully a pretty obvious / simple question:

Does anyone know how I can get the mixer in Cubase 6.5.5 to follow the CMC FD or to jump to display the same channels as currently selected with the FD? I know I can get the FD to display the currently selected track on-screen, but need to do it the other way round too.

For example, If I have a project with loads of tracks then browsing through them with the FD’s bank is nice and quick but becomes difficult to keep track compared to the actual project of as the ‘highlighted’ section of the Cubase mixer does not scroll along with the bank selection.

Am I making any sense ?

P.S. Did anybody get anywhere with solving the ‘constant flashing midi message’ on transport bar. It’s kind of obvious why it’s happening, but not very obvious why I would want it to happen.

An intelligent combination of folders, visibility controlsettings channel types and visibility agents also in conjunction with saved configurations. It requires a bit of experimentation in order to get comfortable with it.

Preplanning of track layout including folder structure and organization should not be underestimated.

I’m kind of OK with that answer, and very grateful for your time, but sometimes I’m working with up to about 70 tracks of audio and corresponding groups. Really I just need to be able to use the FD to scroll through these onscreen as I would with the mouse. Is there no way of getting the mixer to follow the FD ? Seems odd to me ?