Mixer views not available

Hi there.


  1. Does anybody know if it’s possible to have the faders, inserts and routing all in one mixer view in the lower screen? (See screenshot for how I would like the mixer to be configured). I can’t find the button to customise the mixer view. The lower zone mixer only allows viewing one mixer screen at a time (either faders, inserts OR effects), but not all at the same time.

  2. Also, does anybody know how to disable the editor viewer in the lower zone? I wish to always open the editor in a separate window which fills the top of the screen (the old way of doing it), so that I have the mixer available while editing.

If it is not possible to do anything, I am going to move back to version 8.5.20. To be honest, I have a wide range of 32-bit plugins that no 64-bit versions have been made, so I may just roll back now.

SCREENSHOT: This shows how I DON’T want the mixer to look. I want ALL of the options available, not just the faders. However, I would LOVE to have a large editor (50% of screen) window in the lower zone.

(See attachment).