Mixer views set-up

I’m struggling a bit with how to link my arranged and the mixer.
I have a template with around 800 tracks, but only uses around 20 in my current project.
So I disable all the tracks I don’t need and when I record the tracks I need, I can select “Show Tracks with DATA” on my Metagrid and then only the tracks with data are shown on my monitor1 that shows the arrangement.
Now I need to see those tracks+the output groups AND EFX AND Master in my mixer view on monitor. I could create a configuration, but how can that be updated automatically when I add tracks and record data on them?
I find my self struggling a bit with ALL the wonderful possibilities in Cubase, because they often not goes ALL the way.
Do you “feel” the same thing?


Unfortunately it’s not possible to link it somehow. That if you show/hide the MIDI track, to show/hide the Audio Return or connected FX or Groups with it.

But when I press Show Channels For Tracks With Data in the mixer, all my tracks (800) are shown in Project view, why?


Probably there is some data on the track. Maybe an automation data?