Mixer views VS Configurations

I’m using Cubase 8 and digging it EXCEPT that Cubase 6 had a very simple way of saving mixer views before it was replaced with Configurations. I have a medium sized template, 450 tracks, and need to quickly get around the mixer. All channels from channel 1 - 450. For instance, I may need to look at channels 1 - 14 and then check FX on Channels 400-415 and back to Pianos at Channel 25-30 and back to stems at 350-380, etc.

With Cubase 6, we could zoom to the view we wanted, click the asterisk followed by the number 1-9, name the view and voila, done. This CANNOT be done with configurations. We don’t need to sync Mixer and Sequencer windows when mixing and jumping around the mixer. Just need a quick way to store mixer views and recall them with one click the way it used to be.

Configurations is cool but please ADD useful tools instead of just replacing.