Mixer Volume Issues Cubase 6.02

In Cubase 6.02 (64bit) When using (F3) mixer if I highlight a channel the volume jumps to 1.22. Example…mixer is set at -15 for my Omnisphere or Vienna Imperial Piano, I highlight channel and it jumps to 1.22. I then can’t re-adjust volumes till I highlight stereo main out (which doesn’t jump). and re-adjust volume setting while not highlighted. Also Volume control of highlighted channel shakes (quivers) while selected. Is there a preference setting that will fix this issue?
Hope I have been clear ALL help is appreciated

I’m pretty sure (and I do hope) that there isn’t a setting for what you describe.

Do you use automation on the tracks? Do you use any hardware controllers/midi devices?


I do use automation, on tracks. It happens though even when I start a new project. I am using Firestudio 26x26 on my PC for midi input. I also use a Presonus FadePort…Just to confirm I opened a new project and put two VST in (no automation set) and it did same thing…sorta freakin me out lol. Also while channel is high lighted I am unable to move fader up and down. :frowning:

TwinOak THANKS!!! Sometimes it helps to have someone help you think lol. While answering your questions you reminded me to update update firmware for my Presonus FaderPort. That was the answer, it so often is a simple fix but I was caught up in the issue not the easy solution thanks for your input!