Mixer Weirdness

I’m having some issues with the mute/solo buttons on the mixer. I’m using a fairly basic setup with Halion for some testing. I’m seeing this:

  1. On some tracks, the mute buttons don’t actually stop the sound on some of the tracks. I discovered this when I push the solo button and its supposed to mute everything except the solo track. The mixer is not showing anything being played in those muted tracks but it is still sending the data to the VST. I had to mute the track in the VST to get it to stop playing.
  2. I’ve seen cases where the solo button won’t play anything.
  3. In many cases the mute and solo displays in the mixer don’t match the track view.

Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

On what version of Dorico are you? Threre were bugs in this area prior to 1.1 but these should have been fixed by now. Is that with any project that you experience this or just particular ones?

As Ulf mentions, the logic for this changed quite a lot in 1.1. Does it still happen if you choose Play/Apply Default Template?

I’m on 1.1. When I Play/Apply Default template it reloads Halion but now nothing sounds, I see that it is sending data to Halion (the keys are moving), but the audio is not playing. I can push the keys on Halion and it does the same thing. If I reload the project it behaves as before.