mixer width in lower panel not recalled correctly

Yes - the old and highly annoying “mixer width not recalled correctly” has migrated to the lower panel.

Making the lower panel feature useless for because I don’t want to resize the mixer constantly

also it doesn’t recall the size of the lower panel.

Come on

this is when using workspaces

Totally aggravating. Perhaps make a bug report?

It seems not to be saving correctly the MixConsole state (show/hide) in the lower zone. Can you confirm this, please?

  1. Open a new empty project.
  2. Open the MixConsole in the lower zone.
  3. Hide the MixConsole in the lower zone.
  4. Save the project.
  5. Close and reopen the project.
  6. Result: the MixConsole will be showed again in the lower zone at opening, even when you specifically hid it before saving.

This is on Cubase Pro 9.01 and Windows 10.