Mixer window always open in a way I can't see the instruments or click to maximize

When I type F3 or open the mixer from the tooltipless menu (#facepalm) I get the mixer window like this. I can’t see the instrument names to control volume and I can’t maximize or minimize. How can I make this mixer open maximized automatically everytime I hit F3?

right now my workaround that is time consuming is to type F3 then Window+Up arrow . But I need to open the mixer so many times during my sessions that makes all these shortcuts really improductive. So, an option to always it open maximized would get me a lot of productivity back.

I believe you’re running Dorico 4, right? If so, please make sure you’re running the latest update to Dorico 4, 4.3.31, to ensure you have all of the available fixes and improvements for that version. There was a problem with the new Mixer in Dorico 4 that would cause it to grow by the height of its title bar each time it was opened, but I’m pretty sure we fixed it in one of the Dorico 4 updates.

In the meantime, you should find that once the Mixer is open and in focus, you can use Alt+Space to open the window’s system menu, on which you can find the Move command. If you select this, you should be able to move the Mixer window down so that the title bar is on the screen, and at that point you should then be able to resize the window to make it smaller.