mixer window broken


check out these screenshots. My mixer window doesn’t fill 100%. I’ve tried restoring but it doesn’t work. Is there a way to fix this?


Where are the faders? Or is that part of the question?

Just to clarify and emphasize (IMO a very lousy design on the part of Steinberg) you must always set your mixer at the bottom of your monitor. In other words, if you set one mixer at the bottom of your monitor, and another mixer half way up in the middle of your screen, therefore showing 2 mixers in one monitor, then try to expand the upper mixer, make your adjustments, then close your upper mixer, it will NOT go back to the same place as it was before you opened it. Simply stated, this mixer won’t expand unless you drag the bottom part of the mixer down to the bottom of the screen.

The bottom mixer should open and close just fine.

I apologize if that didn’t answer your question, but I think this is a horrible lack of design. I keep hoping someone will come along here and “show me the light” but so far most users are just giddy about the fact that you can open a rack, even though there are no key commands for numerous mixer functions, and therefore the number of mouse clicks has greatly increased.

If you don’t understand this issue, maybe the 2nd post here is a better explanation.

Again, I’m wishing someone would come along and show me the light, but so far no luck.